MFA Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, 1973
BFA University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA 1971, Art Education Teaching Certificate
BFA Parsons School of Design, NYC 1964, Certificate in Design

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  • The Philadelphia Inquirer; Sunday, June 15, 2008, Galleries and Museums, Art Review by Victoria Donohue  Local collections tapped for show, Pagus Gallery, 619 West Washington Street, Norristown, PA.  pp. L12: “Gerry Tuten in her solo show at Pagus has an engagement with paint that is so physical, she seems to have revived ‘action painting.’  Three of this Villanova artist’s paintings are large enough to be seen as murals.  And basically all her paper works are abstract, yet emblems and images from nature are woven through. With each painting a balanced jumble of marks, Tuten is at her best when her distinct color tonality in keeping with a mood or theme, as in ‘Flood and Flying.’”
  • City Suburban News; December 10, – December 16, 2008; Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibit at Main Line Art Center , Haverford , PA ; Page 2: “ Main Line Art Center presented a 1000 prize to recognize a single artist who embodies the experimental spirit that Betsy encouraged to all artists.  This prize was presented to Gerry Tuten by the Meyer family.”
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  • The Philadelphia Inquirer; May 20, 2011, Galleries and Museums, Art Review by Victoria Donohue, Gerry Tuten at Rosemont College’s Lawrence Gallery -” the kind of art that makes the never-ending debate about style seem tiresome, even trivial.  Good and original work like this isn’t bound by stylish labels – the art’s important, not the category.  These aren’t trend shows, nor do they represent eccentric, out-of-the-mainstream perspectives.  Gerry has become very serious as an abstract painter.  As she learned to work less intentionally, and with greater freedom she became eager to share the intense sense of freedom and joy she feels in the physical action and mark-making that go energetically into putting acrylic paint on canvas.  She does all of her paintings in response to nature around her, places, seasons, insects, animals and flowers capturing a sense of motion.  Tuten’s attitude towards art is poetic, even mystical.  With this agile, fresh and vital approach, she has given her art a fresh face, more intensely human and spontaneous.  Art like this is about human experience; paintings speak, and this artist seeks to have hers tap into deeper feelings while avoiding sentimentality.  Such art can be powerfully evocative.”
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  • Orange County Register; May 20, 2015, Things to do this Week by Sara Gold, Encounters with Nature – Paintings by artist Gerry Tuten of Villanova, Pa., are on display from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, through Aug. 28, in the Founders Hall Art Gallery, second floor, at Soka University, 1 University Drive, in Aliso Viejo. Tuten’s paintings over the last two decades reflect encounters with the world and “reflect the joy of being in nature.
  • Examiner.com; August 2015, ‘Encounters With Nature’ review by Suzanne Chun, The exuberance of brightly-colored flowers, the wrath of a stormy sea and the tranquility of a snowy path through the forest are just a few scenes from Encounters with Nature, on display at Soka University through August 28.In this enchanting exhibition of abstract paintings, artist Gerry Tuten captures the joy she experiences in the natural world. “I always remember being peaceful and connected to nature,” Tuten says. “That connection to beauty has been life-giving.”Tuten received a certificate of art from Parsons School of Design in New York in 1964 and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1971. She also earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1973.In the early 1990’s, Tuten studied intuitive process painting, a practice in which the artist accesses thoughts and feelings and paints without agenda. “This work helps me to be in the present without judgment and realize that the paintings are just a piece of paper or canvas,” Tuten says. “I am the product. This attitude gives permission and freedom to my work.”
    The manner in which Tuten paints is gestural painting with broad, calligraphic, energetic brush strokes, sometimes dripping, dabbing or smearing the paint.
    “My paintings are a gift.” Tuten says.“The best paintings come when I surrender [and] get my mind out of the way and stay with my process. They come quickly. When I insist and have a story, things don’t come. To play and have fun brings joy and excitement both in the process and the paintings. This is transferred to the viewer when they look at the paintings.” *Encounters with Nature will be displayed in Founder’s Hall Art Gallery at Soka University in Aliso Viejo through August 28. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.
  • City SuburbanNews; January 27 – February 2, 2016, Solo Exhibition “Natural Flow” by Painter Gerry Tuten – Feb 15 through March 12 at Wayne Art Center; The colorful and exuberant paintings by artist Gerry Tuten will be on display in The Wayne Art Center, Davenport Gallery with opening reception February 21 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. The galleries are open from 10 a..m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Gerry Tuten, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, now resides outside Philadelphia with he husband and dog.  She has a BFA from University of the Arts and an MFA from Tyler.  Gerry teaches yoga and paints in her studio in Norristown, PA and summers in MA.  She has exhibited in PA, DE, NYC, MA & CA and thrives in nature creating a meditative often dreamlike state of mind. Tuten’s bright, vigorous paintings refer to abstracted plants, flowers, insects, birds and landscapes but are far from literal.  The artist’s energy and connection to spirit distill the natural world and provide us with a sense of mystery and wonder.   Gerry, a certified Kripalu and TriYoga Instructor will teach two restorative multi-level classes on Thursday, February 25 and Thursday, March 3 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.  You may bring your own mat and other props will be provided.  The cost is $15 for one class or $20 for both classes.  A family gallery talk and activity will be led on Saturday, March 8 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  All materials will be provided: the workshop  is $15 for one adult and child and $5 for each additional child.  Visit: www.wayneart.org or call: 610.688.3553 to register for these special events.
  • Main Line Media News; by Linda Stein, -Radnor, The talents and history of Radnor Township residents will be in full bloom beginning Feb. 15 at the Wayne Art Center.The center plans three simultaneous shows of “Expressions of Radnor,” “Treasures from the Rosemont Collection” and a solo show, “Natural Flow,” of works by Villanova artist Gerry Tuten.Tuten, who works with acrylic and other media, will have more than 25 paintings displayed in the Davenport Gallery through March 12. All forms of nature, beauty, decay, polarities, tension, dreams, joyful things and freshness are some of what inspires Tuten, she said. “I teach yoga so there’s an inspiration there,” she said. “And the elements are an inspiration: water, earth, fire and space.” Tuten will also instruct two all-level yoga flow classes on Feb. 25 and March 3 in the gallery, amidst her art work.“Yoga and painting connect me to my inner strength and wisdom and bring out my authentic voice into a magical well of energy,” Tuten said. And she’s inspired by spiritual people like Nelson Mandela and Wangari Muathai, a Kenyan woman arrested for planting trees. After traveling to Indonesia last year, Tuten became very concerned about the plight of orangutans, which are losing their forest habitat to palm oil plantations. She plans to donate 40 percent of the proceeds from each picture she sells in the exhibit to an organization that helps orphaned orangutans, The Orangutan Foundation International (https://orangutan.org). Tuten includes Helen Frankenthaler and Willen deKooning among her artistic heroes. Tuten grew up in Pittsburgh and obtained degrees from the University of the Arts and Tyler. She and her husband, John Tuten, a magistrate judge, have three grown children and four grandchildren and live with their standard poodle. Nancy Campbell, the director of the Wayne Art Center, said the center began its Expressions of Radnor Exhibits in 2001 for its centenary and eventually they decided to have it every February as a showcase for talented Radnor residents’ creations. Juror Teresa DeSeve, an artist and WAC instructor, will present awards that are sponsored by Wayne businesses at the Feb. 21 opening.