Artist’s Statement

Screen Shot 2011-12-22 at 4.08p|Dec22 2My painting is a venture inside and outside of myself seeking freshness and change. I thrive on challenge, action and awakening in my painting. I am intensely curious, exploring the micro and macro levels of the natural ecology. When the image begins to “break up” or erupt, my excitement rises. I transfer this excitement and freedom to the viewer through movement, color and texture of paint over surfaces. Here in the process of painting I allow myself to break all the rules. Trusting my intuition I can let go of the “work of art”. The painting is just a place to free myself – to surrender to process. The medium of paint speaks stronger than words. Clarity is distilled out of movement and change. The paintings come as gifts.

The elements of earth, water, fire, air and space give form to all life and play a prominent role in my inspiration. By exploring organic natural forms and the visceral textures of paint with spontaneity and freedom, I play at mark-making and application while trying to stay ahead of my grasping mind. Through close observation, my art explores imagery living in the natural world – insects, birds, reptiles, mammals, plants, trees, flowers and minerals in myriad ways. I am overcome by the abundance and beauty of nature. If I can allow my paintings to run free then I can find delight and joy.

My aim is a constant search for subtle and not so subtle energies in our visual world as well as the tension between things and expression. Painting is a way for me to move through life having a relationship with the Beloved. The paintings are the record I leave behind of my journey into spirit. They are in gratitude for my life.

March 2020